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Stop Losing Money From No-shows

Learn how to avoid losing income from last-minute cancellations, no-shows and bad payers.

Packed with short and practical tips including:

  • Set up clear T&Cs following industry leading experts
  • How to take payment upfront without offending customers
  • How to easily set up a website and booking tool
  • Ways to communicate clearly with customers
  • How to run a (discreet) blacklist

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Stop leaving money on the table

In this free book, you'll learn about...

How to setup a website and booking tool

Make a legally sound terms and conditions template

Getting your clients to pay a deposit when they place their bookings

About the author

Hi there, in case we haven't met yet... I'm Jean-Michel. I've worked with 100s of therapists, helping them grow their customer base and build a sustainable business.

I started my career in management consulting, where I've advised some of the biggest companies in the world. Next I started a business called LeSalon, one of the leading platforms for at-home beauty in London and have grown it to generate millions of £ in revenue.

Now I've launched Storefront, an app that helps Beauty Business Owners elevate their value proposition, grow their customer base and streamline their operations, to allow them to focus on what they love: delivering amazing treatments!