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Our Story

About Storefront

Storefront is the ultimate app for beauty bosses! An app for beauty business owners to help them run their business on their smartphone: edit your website, calendar, manage your bookings, process payments, and track your earning - all in one place.

Storefront on average has helped increase new clients by 63%. The app helps manage the day-to-day admin of every freelancer without the faff. The time saved allows you to focus on doing what you love: delivering high quality services.

Our Story

Jean-Michel, Natasha and Nabil founded a company called LeSalon in 2015. It quickly became one of the leading platforms for at-home beauty services in London.

During lockdown, LeSalon couldn't operate so they looked into ways to support the community of freelancer in the hair, beauty and wellness industry.

They spoke to hundreds of freelancers and the one thing that really stood out, was that many of them used pen and paper to book. This meant that they couldn't claim the right amount of support from government (that was linked to past revenue).

This is how Storefront was born: the team decided to create an app that allowed therapists to take bookings from their own personalised website. Storefront allows them to showcase their personality while giving them easy to use tools to manage their business professionally.

Today, Storefront is serving hundreds of hair, beauty and wellness business owners, helping them grow their business from one single app on their smartphone.

Our Mission

1. Everybody is an entrepreneur: we are dedicated to help hair, beauty and wellness business owners grow their business and become self-sufficient

2. Easy to use technology: we strive to create technology that is so easy to use, a 5 year old could use it

3. Customer centric: YOU are at the centre of everything we do. We speak to you regularly and build features based on what you need for your business.


  • 1/2 of all appointments are made outside of working hours
  • 63% more new clients that's to Storefront
  • 30,000+ appointments made with Storefront technology