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Do you feel uncomfortable asking your clients to pay whilst you're still at the appointment?

We all know how awkward and daunting it can feel to ask your client for money during the treatment, whilst still in their home. Especially as you build close friendships with your clients, the subject of money can feel slightly taboo.

This is where our Payment Link comes in to play. Once your client has confirmed their booking, you will be able to send them a payment link with an amount of your choice to send via email or SMS. The link will then open a form for your client to enter their card details and pay. You will be able to share the link as many times as you'd like through the app, and can also send multiple payment requests per booking.

Unfortunately, as you may have experienced, a close customer may feel like they can cancel on you at the last minute because they know you so well. This is where our Payment Link has your back, so that you won't lose out on money once the booking has been placed. Of course, you will have your own individual cancellation policies, but by handling fees before the appointment, you can focus on producing gorgeous, long-lasting nails without distractions. Say goodbye to late cancellations.

Are you struggling to keep track of your earnings as a freelance nail technician?

Our Storefront app features an Earnings Tracker, where you can track all of your online appointment bookings in one accessible place. You can check who has paid you and who is yet to.

This makes it much easier when it comes time for your tax returns. Instead of running around looking for receipts, you can efficiently use your earnings tracker to find a particular date to trace back to.

Is it difficult for you to factor-in commute times throughout your busy work calendar?

Managing your clients' bookings is one thing, but it can begin to feel confusing and overwhelming once you start estimating travel time and blocking out space in your day to travel between clients' addresses. Sounds daunting, right?

At Storefront, we take the stress out of your planning/plan for you so that you can focus on producing top quality nail treatments for your clients.

Let us introduce to you our Intelligent Time Slot feature.

We take your clients' booking information, most importantly their address, into consideration to calculate and block out sufficient time in their schedule to travel to the clients' home.

Build your own professional mobile nail technician website

With social media becoming such a marketing powerhouse, many nail salons and mobile nail techs alike are using social media profiles such as Facebook and Instagram to harvest a following and attract potential clients. 

For many, a website no longer seems necessary. Whilst some nail technicians might find building a website daunting and old-fashioned, it is the perfect way to showcase your business as a whole, in a clean and professional format. 

At Storefront, we create your website for you so that you can focus on your treatments and clients. This website is the perfect opportunity for you to show off your skills with a visual portfolio, display your credentials and incorporate your own online booking widget for new customers to use.  It also includes your contact info to help potential clients to help reach you more easily. 

This will truly give your clients a sense of your business as a whole, and elevate your online marketing presence to a new level.

Key Features

  • 'About Me' section
  • 'Areas I Cover' list
  • Treatment list
  • Customer Reviews
  • Qualifications and Experience
  • Treatment portfolio

Manage your payments using a booking widget

With our booking widget feature, you will be able to choose whether to charge your client the full amount upfront prior to the booking, or a deposit. The deposit can be a fixed amount (i.e. £20) or a percentage of the total booking (i.e. 10%).

This feature helps you feel in control of client bookings, ensuring that you have different payment options to cater both you and your clients' needs.

Key Features

  • Manage your bookings in one place
  • Take card payments from your customers
  • Choose to receive either a full amount or deposit

How much does it cost?

The Storefront app is free to download. However, if you would like us to build you a custom website for your mobile nail business, we will charge you £10 a month.